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Noted: COVID-19 is a pandemic around the world. For the health and safety concern of each participant, IWMSME2020 on-site conference is switching to an online format.

IWMSME2020 will be held in Hangzhou, China during April 18-20, 2020.

As a popular saying goes: Above there is heaven, below there are Hangzhou and Suzhou. Hangzhou's "heavenly" beauty attracts thousands of tourists from over the world.


Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province in East China, is one of the most modern and prosperous cities in China. It sits at the southern end of the Grand Canal and is one of China's seven ancient national capitals.


The charm of Hangzhou is embodied in various aspects. In tourism, Hangzhou is a traditional city for its cultural and natural landscapes, unique cityscape, and the symbolic views of West Lake. In cuisine, the local food undeniably deserves tasting, like West Lake Fish in Vinegar Sauce, Dongpo Pork, Pian Er Chuan (Noodles with Preserved Vegetable,Sliced Pork,and Bamboo Shoots in Soup),etc. In history and culture, the temples, pagodas, the celebrities’ memorials and residences, traditional medicine halls, museums as well as diverse performances of theater and operas are all valuable things to experience.

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