The Third International Workshop on Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering (IWMSME2020) was held on June 21-22, 2020 via online platform due to the pandemic of COVID-19. Online IWMSME2020 aims to provide a platform for scholars and researchers from all over the world to share their research achievements, discuss the hot issues and exchange the new experiences and technologies in the field of Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering.

The IWMSME2020 online conference was attended by nearly 50 experts and scholars from 5 countries and regions. The conference consisted of three parts: keynote presentations, oral presentations and poster presentations. Professor Weimin Huang, from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore , presided over the conference.

We were honored to invite five sophisticated keynote speakers to deliver keynote speeches during the conference.

Prof. Henry Hu, our first keynote speaker, from University of Windsor, Canada, delivered a wonderful speech on “Heat Transfer in Pressurized Solidification of High Integrity Mg Alloy for Potential Lightweight Automotive Applications”.

His speech focused on heat transfer phenomena occurring during pressurized solidification of AZ91.

The second keynote speaker, Prof. Wei Min Huang, representing Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, held a speech on “Advanced shape memory technology to reshape product design, manufacturing and repairing/recycling: an update of recent development”.

In this talk, a brief review of the various shape memory phenomena in SMMs is presented. The fundamentals behind them are discussed. The important features of the advanced shape memory technology are explained. Typical applications in the whole life cycle of products, from design, fabrication to repairing/recycling, are revealed to demonstrate the potential advantages of this technology.

The third keynote speaker, Prof. Bingang Xu, from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China, gave a speech on “Advanced Textiles for Flexible and Wearable Electronics”.

In this talk, a series of advanced wearable technologies were designed and proposed for fabricating textile-based flexible and wearable electronics by integrating wearable textile substrates with functional materials and structures. Various kinds of wearable electronics ranging from flexible nanogenerators, supercapacitors and strain sensor devices will be discussed with their applications in energy harvesting, energy storage and strain sensing.

The fourth and fifth keynote speakers, Prof. Vivian Wing-Yan TAM and Prof. Khoa Le, from Western Sydney University, Australia, talked about “The New Era for Recycled Concrete: CO2 Concrete”.

Professor Vivian Tam and Associate Professor Khoa Le have pioneered sustainable construction research with the invention of CO2 Concrete. CO2 Concrete utilises waste and harmful greenhouse-gas emissions to create new material for structural applications.

After keynote presentations, there are 11 orals presentations and poster presentations, oral speakers and poster presenters shared their latest research results with the audience, the audience actively and enthusiastically participated in by asking questions and voting.

The first oral speaker, Yiwei Wu, from Henan University of Science and Technology, delivered a speech on “Study on the collaborative design architecture of tractor performance prototype”.

The second oral speaker, Yue Liu, from Science and Technology on Vehicle Transmission Lab. of China North Vehicle Research Institute, gave a speech on “Clearance Optimization of Radial Bearings for Multi-bearing Shafting System”.

The third oral speaker, Zemin Yao, from Beijing Institute of Spacecraft Environment Engineering, held a speech on “Research on compressor blades fatigue life test under thermal-vibration combined load”.

The fourth oral speaker, Zhimin Di, from Anhui Polytechnic University, talked about “Modeling and Experiment of Double-feet Piezoelectric Linear Motor Stator System”.

The fifth oral speaker, Pengyuan Qi, from Northeastern University, shared their latest research on “Effects of electromagnetic induction hardening on the microstructure and mechanical properties of B1500HS steel”

The sixth and also the last oral speaker, Jing Kong, from China Aerospace Components Engineering Center, gave a talk on “Preparation and characteristics of Co nanoporous magnetic materials synthesized by a template-free method”.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Chairman, the distinguished keynote speakers, oral speakers as well as all the audiences. This conference has made a big success because of their supports and assistance. We are expecting more and more experts and scholars from around the world to join this international workshop next year.

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